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The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry By Rachel Joyce Epub hebewani




” –Christopher Buehlman, “Pick of the Week” (September 21, 2007) References Category:2009 American novels Category:American satirical novels Category:Debut novels Category:Novels by Harlan CobenQ: how to find what/where JAR is packaged inside a WAR file? I have deployed the same application using two different application servers (Glassfish and WebLogic). I have deployed the same war file in both application servers. The only difference between both application servers is that Glassfish is based on Java 1.6 and WebLogic is based on Java 1.7. Both application servers have the same version of JRE. I have two questions, how to find out if a given JAR file (let's say "x.jar") is packaged inside a WAR file (the "war" folder inside the "WEB-INF" folder) or not? how to find out the location of the x.jar inside the war file? Thanks. A: you can use jarsigner for example to check if a jar is inside a war you can try: jarsigner -verify -verbose if it works as expected it should give you the location of the war with all its jars. While jarsigner is the best tool for this, it's possible to do it from the command line using a simple script: #!/bin/bash if [[ `jar tf my.war` == *x.jar ]] then echo x.jar is in my.war else echo x.jar is not in my.war fi The name of the jar file is in the x.jar file, just replace x.jar with any jar file to be verified. Q: Hyper-V VM is in 'pause' state Windows Server 2008 R2 (I think, could be wrong). I can't see the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Manager GUI in Server Manager. I can't take any action at all. I was able to fix this issue. This was caused by having windows update disabled. After I disabled windows updates, I had to install all updates again and it all worked. For the MSDN link




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The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry By Rachel Joyce Epub hebewani
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